A Five Year Plan by: Philip Kerr

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Five years in a Miami prison for a crime he didn't commit gave Dave Delano a long time to think. Not that Dave is so innocent. He knew that by failing to finger mobster Tony Nudelli for murder he would take a complicity rap -- and $250,000 in hush money. But when his cellmate tips him off to boatloads of laundered mob money being ferried overseas in the hulls of U.S. yachts, Dave devises a flawless plan to net himself $30-$40 million -- and a new life.

A hopeless romantic, FBI Agent Kate Fury joined the bureau in search of action, excitement, and occasional danger. Instead, the most hazardous thing she's done is forget the safety catch on her Lady Smith & Wesson. So when Colombian cocaine is suspected of being smuggled to Europe in a hollowed-out yacht hull, she's determined to make the biggest collar of her career.

Yet neither Dave nor Kate are prepared for each other, and their shipboard meeting is pure combustion -- in a novel full of hidden identities, misunderstood motives, and major mayhems that goes full-throttle right to its shocking climax.

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