Astrological Secrets For The New Millennium by: Laurie A. Baum M.S.W.

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Like the moon tugging at the tides, celestial forces wield tremendous influence over your daily life. They're especially powerful now, when the world is on the verge of a vibrant new age. You can harness these energies and turn them to you advantage—today, tomorrow, and beyond. This amazing book holds the key. With compassion, understanding, and humor, professional astrologer and psychotherapist Laurie A. Baum prepares you to take charge of your destiny. For each sign of the Zodiac, you will learn what the new millennium has to offer you concerning:

• Love
• Health
• Friendship
• Finances
• Work
• And More!

You'll also find a clear, compelling explanation of how astrology works and a fascinating record tracking its influence through time.

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