Dancing At The Harvest Moon by: K.C. McKinnon

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For some people, there comes a day when every dream they ever piled up over the years, every good intention rises up in rebellion against the life they've been living. It can happen on the subway, behind the wheel of a car, while standing on a bridge looking down at the water. It can occur at the Laundromat, a bingo parlor, at McDonald's. Maybe it's the smell that reminds you of an earlier day when you still dared to dream. Or it might be an old song that brings back to you your younger self However and whenever it happens, one thing is certain: you die and then you're reborn.
"Dear Maggie, I will always love you...Keep me safe in your heart. Rob."
His letters thrilled her as a young woman in love for the first time, and now, many years later, they mean more than ever to Maggie McIntyre. After her husband of twenty years leaves her for a younger woman, it's the discovery of Robbie's letters that gives Maggie a renewed sense of purpose: to return to Little Bear Lake, to recapture the woman she once was--the woman she knew she could be again.
But time has changed the place she knew and loved. The Harvest Moon dance hall where she worked as a waitress is closed. Still, Maggie is determined to reopen it, with the help of friends and a special man who enters her life in a most unexpected way. As they work together to make her dream come true, a powerful attraction develops between them. Maggie struggles with her feelings for a younger man whose age stands in the way of her growing affection for him. But their passion is undeniable, and soon she will have to decide what's more important to her what other people think or what she feels in her heart.
Patricia Kalemberappeared on Broadway in "The Nerd, " and in the films "Jacob's Ladder" and "A Far Off Place." On television, she was a series regular on ABC's "Thirtysomething" and on NBC's "Sisters."

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