Destiny At Your Fingertips by Ronelle Coburn

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It can be enlightening to map out your personality by answering a battery of questions, as is shown by the popularity of Myers-Briggs tests and Enneagram books. But what if you could go deeper and finally answer the question of who you are at the level of your soul?

Destiny at Your Fingertips helps you to do exactly that. Master hand analyst Ronelle Coburn introduces you to a completely unique, innovative, and powerful language for profound personal transformation-discovering your Life Purpose from your own fingerprints. It's easy to learn and can be used by anyone who wants to gain a deep sense of self and clear direction in life.

Formed five months before you were born, your fingerprints reveal your unique Zone of Fulfillment and guide you into understanding your reason for being. In five easy steps, you will learn to decode your own fingerprints so you can unlock the secret to your full potential in relationships, career, and all aspects of life. Condition Good