Grandma Moses 25 Masterworks by: Jane Kallir

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Anna Mary Robertson Moses, after sixty years of working as an upstate New York farm wife, became celebrated in the international art world as Grandma Moses. With a palette of pure colors and a true vision, she presented recollections of her girlhood in meticulously painted observations of a long-since-vanished rural America. Her scenes of farm life and holiday revels and her seasonal landscapes abound in charm untouched by sentimentality. In this sumptuously produced volume, twenty-five of Grandma Moses' finest works are shown in large scale. A number of details enrich the book, offering an opportunity to view her brushwork as though looking closely at the original. Photographs of the artist and her family add yet another dimension. Individual commentaries address each work, explaining what Moses was trying to do and her methods. Vivid quotations in the artist's own words add another facet to this highly enjoyable book.

Condition: Good