Hang Time by: Bob Greene

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Bob Greene shows us a side of Michael Jordan that doesn't make the sports page...the inside.

Journalist and bestselling author Bob Greene stepped into Michael Jordan's world just as Jordan was reaching the apex of his talent and his fame. With Greene, Jordan let down his guard.

In an extraordinary book that transcends sports biography, Greene takes the reader along with Jordan over two seasons with the Chicago Bulls, during glorious championship surges and trying personal moments. With rare insight, Greene reveals the person inside the icon: a man who makes millions but cannot go for a quiet walk around the block without getting mobbed, a man who competes ferociously on the court, but who performs some of his most remarkable and unexpected feats away from the limelight.

Drawn from inside Michael Jordan's daily life, rich with the sound of Jordan's own voice, Hang Time is a startlingly candid and intimate story of time spent with a champion, and of the growing friendship between two men.


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