Hollywood & Broadway A Fine Romance by: Darcie Denkert

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For everyone who loves movie musicals, for everyone who loves Broadway musicals, this is A Fine Romance! Author Darcie Denkert, a division president of MGM and an industry insider, presents her entertaining, illuminating insights on exactly what happens when stage meets screen. Do sparks fly--or do they fizzle? Are there fireworks--or waterworks? Each show, each movie, has its own history, its own juicy stories, its own dark side, its own ironic twists. Spectacular photographs--many published here for the first time--let theater buffs and movie lovers alike witness these intricate, intriguing sagas. Why was Gypsy a smash on stage and was not nearly as successful on screen? Why did it take twenty-seven years for Chicago to travel from Broadway to Hollywood? All the answers, all the pictures, all the razzle dazzle that is show business make the marriage of movies and stage musicals truly A Fine Romance.

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