Italian Cuisine Signature Recipes Edited by Academia Barilla

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The most difficult task is choosing. This is because in Italy the diversity of natural environment and historical evolution has contributed to create a culinary wealth that is without equal anywhere in the world. The Italian peninsula stretches from high mountain peaks, streaked with glaciers, deep valleys and lakes, to the vast plain of the great River Po, proceeding over the gentle slopes of the Apennines and then down along the sea-lapped coast. This abundance of geographical conditions and climates is the reason for Italy's infinite variety of meats and fish, cheeses, cured meats, mushrooms and truffles. If, in addition to this, you take into account the rich history of these lands, governed for centuries by local Signorias and dukedoms (which, thanks to their separate courts and cooks, developed different and independent cuisines), then it is easy to understand why the Italian gastronomic tradition is such a huge mine of culinary diversity. From this vast treasure trove, the Academia Barilla chefs have chosen the most characteristic ingredients and the tastiest recipes to offer the best of this cuisine to those who love good food: a unique experience for all the senses and for all tastes. AUTHOR: Academia Barilla, Parma, is the first international centre dedicated to the promotion and development of Italian gastronomic culture in the world. In order to achieve this objective, it puts into action a daily commitment in appraising the wealth of Italian products and sustaining research into its own services which are of a very high standard of quality. For this reason, Academia Barilla is availing itself of the skills of renowned chefs, gourmets and experts in regional culinary traditions, recognized at the national and international levels, who combine a great love for the Italian gastronomic tradition with a passion for innovation. ILLUSTRATIONS: 150 colour photographs. Condition Good