Jefferson The Virginian by: Dumas Malone

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A classic biography of Jefferson. Among the many contributions of this authoritative study was Malone's inclusion in each volume of a detailed timeline of Jefferson's activities and frequent travels in his life. Malone's volumes were widely praised for their lucid and graceful writing style, for their rigorous and thorough scholarship, and for their attention to Jefferson's evolving constitutional and political thought. Later, however, some reviewers faulted Malone, believing he had a tendency to adopt Jefferson's own perspective and thus to be insufficiently critical of his occasional political errors, faults, and lapses. Some said that he was biased in favor of Jefferson and against his principal adversaries Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, and John Marshall. Also, during the period in which this was being written, historical studies of slavery and its influences in the United States expanded dramatically. Some academics said that Malone did not adequately treat Jefferson's life as a slaveowner and the paradoxes inherent in his views on liberty and slavery. 1948

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