Marching Home To War And Back With The Men Of One American Town by: Kevin Coyne

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Of the sixteen million Americans who served in the armed forces during the war, not quite a thousand came from Freehold. New Jersey -- an old courthouse town busy with factories, ringed by fields, and home to a diverse populace that reflected the varied faces and aspirations of the nation. Marching Home follows six young men from this town as they are swept overseas into a conflict more vast and vicious than any other in history -- into the army, the navy, the air corps; to Europe and the Pacific; from Tarawa to the Bulge; from Normandy to Leyte. And once their battles are won, the book follows the men back home again, to a town, and a nation, poised for changes larger than any of them had imagined. Farms and factories flourish, then fade; Main Street blooms, then withers; the bonds of community tighten, then fray. A black soldier endures segregation in the army and racial unrest on the streets of home. An airman bombs the enemy to rubble, then builds new houses and stores for his neighbors. A sailor.
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