Murder in Scorpio by: Martha C. Lawrence

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Licensed Private Investigator Elizabeth Chase is used to skeptical glares and sarcastic comments when she's working on a case. Her unorthodox methods tend to surprise people: Dr. Chase is also a double-Ph.D. parapsychologist who uses her understanding of the paranormal in her investigations.

Certainly some of her techniques do stand out a bit from those of the average P. I., such as her ability to see auras around witnesses or pluck important clues from her own dreams.

So naturally, Escondido Police Department Sergeant Tom McGowan has some internal doubts about consulting Elizabeth on a case involving the so-called accidental death of his old high-school friend Janice Freeman. As her investiga­tions cast an increasingly suspicious light on Janice's death, Tom quickly gains more than a little respect (and affection) for Elizabeth.

But the closer she gets to the truth, the less either Tom's protection or the intervention of the stars and planets may be able to keep Elizabeth out of harm's way.

In this delightful series debut, Martha Lawrence captures the sunny, offbeat appeal—as well as the danger—of Southern California and introduces an original detec­tive who promises to enchant readers for many cases to come.

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