Mysteries and Legends New England True Stories Of The Unsolved And Unexplained by Diana Ross McCain

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Thirteen Mind-Boggling Tales from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island • Dressed in leather scraps, the Leather Man walked the same 365-mile-long route through Connecticut for more than twenty years, and his identity remained a mystery—or did it? • Dr. Timothy Clark Smith feared being buried alive, so when he dropped dead in Middlebury, Vermont, in 1893, his crypt included a window to his open casket, so passersby could raise the alarm if his worst nightmare came true! • For more than a century, people have reported seeing something they can neither identify nor explain in the waters of Lake Champlain—exactly what that something is, is the mystery. From vampires to an angel, a ghost rapper to a phantom ship, Mysteries and Legends of New England pulls back the curtain on some of the region’s most fascinating and compelling stories. Condition Good