Perfect Harmony by: Barbara Wood

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Charlotte Lee has a crisis on her hands. Three people are dead after taking herbal remedies manufactured by her biotech firm. The FDA moves in to shut down the company after determining that poison was added before the products left the plant. Harmony Biotech is a family business that sells herbal potions developed by Charlotte's Singaporean great-grandmother to heal the spirit as well as the body. The company was built by Charlotte's grandmother from a humble line of products sold by word of mouth in San Francisco's Chinatown and is now a corporation employing hundreds of people. The news of product tampering by someone inside the close-knit family of employees is devastating. But more disturbing is the link between the victims. All of them were Charlotte's enemies, individuals she would have motives to kill, and the evidence is adding up against her. Who would want to sabotage the company and target Charlotte personally? And how could they get past the state-of-the-art security at the plant? When Charlotte is contacted anonymously over the Internet and told to confess to the murders at a press conference in twelve hours - or else - she suddenly finds herself in a race to discover the answers before more people die. Enlisting the help of a former lover who's now a computer security expert, Charlotte is drawn into a frantic chase that takes her deep into the virtual world - and even deeper into her own past. What she discovers about the killer, about herself, and about her Chinese matrilineal line will change her life forever.

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