Pursuit of Justice by: Mimi Latt

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A gripping novel of murder, passion, betrayal, and legal intrigue played out against the high-stakes world of cutthroat lawyers and ruthless power brokers, by the national bestselling author and former trial attorney, Mimi Latt. Young and idealistic L.A. lawyer Rebecca Morland had a rosy future. She and her husband, Ryan, had a happy and passionate marriage and planned to start a family. Then Ryan vanished. Recently named a partner at one of the city's most prestigious law firms, Ryan was last seen at a yacht party thrown by a wealthy and politically ambitious businessman. Two days later his body was found and Rebecca's life was turned upside down. The death is ruled a suicide by police eager to close the case, but Rebecca refuses to accept this verdict. She knew Ryan had been hiding something from her, yet with each fact uncovered, the truth becomes more elusive. Without judge or jury, Rebecca must test her cunning against a list of suspects that includes a Senatorial candidate; Ryan's jealous ex-lover; a multimillionaire real estate developer; a rival for partner; and a sinister political insider -- as she blindly enters a dangerous and depraved game of justice where the penalty for failure is death.

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