Rudder Grange by: Frank R. Stockton

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Rudder Grange, a humorous story by Frank R. Stockton, appeared serially in 1879. It was the first of the author's books to establish for him a wide reputation. A slight thread of story suffices to connect a series of humorous episodes which result from the efforts of a young couple-Euphemia, and her husband who tells the story in the first person-to establish themselves in a summer home at once desirable and inexpensive. They hit upon the plan of securing an old canal-boat, which they fit up and name Rudder Grange. The droll sayings and original doings of Pomona, the servant; the courting of Jonas, her lover; the unique experiences of the boarder; the distresses of Euphemia and her husband, are told in a manner which is irresistibly funny. The same characters reappear in several of Mr. Stockton's later stories, the longest of which is 'Pomona's Travels. 1904

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