Running Mates by: John Feinstein

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When the governor of Maryland is assassinated, investigative reporter Bobby Kelleher investigates and uncovers a plot involving Ku Klux Klan grand dragons, feminists, and hit men.

“In this entertaining fiction debut, journalist [John] Feinstein displays a gritty knowledge of the political scene. . . . A strong, surprising resolution caps this thriller that delivers on its promise despite its protagonist’s occasionally larger-than-life heroism and incredible luck.”—Publishers Weekly
“[A] captivating political thriller—the first in a series—by the best-selling nonfiction author of A Season on the Brink, A Season Inside, etc . . . Part of the story's enjoyment is in watching rival reporters measure each other’s leads as each paper tries to keep ahead of the other in solving the murder. . . . Much fun while Bobby avoids sure death three times and meets deadlines but agonizes over having broken the commandment ‘thou shalt not go to bed with a news source.’”—Kirkus Reviews

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