Singing My Him Song by: Malachi McCourt

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Malachy McCourt, actor, gadfly and raconteur follows up his international best seller A Monk Swimming with this, the second instalment of his hilarious memoirs.

Malachy McCourt grew up in Limerick amid death, squalor, poverty and abuse. When he went to America as a young man, he took with him a gargantuan appetite for what life had to offer – and an equal drive to forget what it had delivered so far. In A Monk Swimming, he caroused his way all over the world, becoming a familiar face in movies and television, and in bars from Paris to Calcutta.

Now he tells us the rest of the story – how he went from world-class drunk to sober and loving father and grandfather. Bawdy and funny, naked and moving, and told in the same inimitable voice that left readers all over the world wondering what happened next, he tells as honest and entertaining a story as you could hope for.

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