The Exploits Of Solar Pons by: Basil Copper

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Reader who have exhausted the Sherlockian cannon and the various modern pastiches of the Master, might well be advised to investigate the strange case of Solar Pons. Mr. Pons was created nearly seventy years ago by Wisconsin-born writer, August Derleth -- who paid Doyle the courtesy of cloning the great detective. Names and biographical details were changed, and the setting was moved from the Victorian period to the 1920's.Mr. Copper was then authorized by Arkham House, Inc. to continue the series in a series of paperback originals. While maintaining the sly mixture of pastiche and homage to its creator, Copper brought his own voice and a sure sense of place and period detail to the series. Two previously unpublished collections from that series have been released by Fedogan & Bremer. A third book is planned for late 2000.

First Edition

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