The Love Of Baseball by: Paul Adomites

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The Love of Baseball takes readers on a stroll through baseball history, with unforgettable stories and historic photos that bring baseball to life.In this chunky hardcover book, today's baseball superstars and record-breakers share space with yesterday's heroes.Fascinating stories, as well as entertaining quotes, help readers get to know the greatest players of all time. Readers can see Babe Ruth's famous called shot, capture the excitement of Barry Bonds' 73rd home run, revisit Randy Johnson's amazing career, and relive classic World Series games.Color and black-and-white photos illustrate baseball's story.Features include profiles of baseball's greatest players, ballparks, and broadcasters; interesting facts and statistics; memorable game moments; and much more. Each chapter of The Love of Baseball opens with an insightful quote about the game. Chapters include: Busting Fences and Chasing Flies: The 1998 home run race, Don Larsen's perfect game, Mickey Mantle's mammoth home run.Cracks of the Bat, Plays at the Plate, and Fun in the Field: Luis Aparicio's baseline-burning speed, Roger Clemens's pitching feats, baseball's best bunters.Rounding the Bases: Profiles of Shoeless Joe Jackson, Jackie Robinson, Johnny Bench, and the greatest teams ever.Wild Pitches and Out-of-the-Park Dingers: Tom Seaver's's Rookie of the Year season, Roger Maris's then-record 61 homers.Grand Slams and Grandstanding: Yogi Berra's unique language, Reggie Jackson's Mr. October heroics.Bringing It Home: The Boston Red Sox reverse the curse, Bill Mazeroski's home run that ended the 1960 World Series.Hardcover, 320 pages. A must for any baseball fan, The Love of Baseball unfolds the sport's rich and colorful history.

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